Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obea Moore

This guy is a LEGEND. People thought he would take down world records left and right. As a sophomore in high school he ran a 45.14 in the 400. He never made it to college never made it to the olympics and never broke any world records. Injuries, burnout, other distractions cost him. He peaked way too soon. Want to see how amazing he was here is the 1995 California state meet 4 by4. He gets the baton in second place a good 20-25 meters back of a 48 second 400 runner

skip to 2:40 for his leg.

Why am I showing you this? Just to say it is important to develop a good training base. You have plenty of time to accomplish big goals, don't be in a hurry to skip the basic steps in order to do more advanced work. This is why squats are still a big part of our program, hurdle mobility, crawling, things that seem simple and easy they are important. Vern Gambetta likes to say "Don't forget about the 98% to get that last 2%" When I see long jumpers trying to hitchkick when they don't even know how to run it makes me think of this. So yes we have a basic program but it suits us fine.

This is why I enjoy it when I hear you guys are doing other sports, I want all my athletes playing other sports. It gives you a nice wide base of training, wait til college to peak (or later). I wish other coaches saw things this way as well. (looking at you soccer coaches, year around club teams) There is just a more is better mentality that I think is harmful for the athletes both physically and mentally. See you tomorrow - Coach Mike


  1. Also, on that note. It isn't just about sports and taking a break, but also school too. Sidenote for sure, but just because school demands more and more out of you doesn't mean you don't deserve a break. To be honest, track was my break and there were definitely days in high school that the only thing getting me to school in the morning and preventing senioritis was going to practice. I know it sounds lame, but its true. =D

    And the big lesson that I'm hearing all the time is that there's no rush. Take your time and enjoy the experience while you have the opportunity. My teammates used to laugh at me because I was sad that one day I would forget the memories that I had with them. Lucky me though, every time I look through this website and see athletes like you guys, I get to live those memories all over again.

    So lesson here is, take a break when you need it. Whether its an injury, a mental break from school, a physical break from your sport - why trugby is amazing! - a break from life, do it. Because you dont want to be burned out and only 19 years old. Then life just sucks. Instead you want to be the 19 year who still wants to wake up early on saturday mornings to go do community service or when you go home for winter break, you want to spend every day of it doing something that you can't do when you're in school, you want to be able to say you climb el toro mountain once for every year that you've been together. You want to be the person who still loves running on the track in their spikes after being off a track for 2 years. Back to one of Coach Mike's old lectures, you want to live every day of your entire life, without any regrets.

    *eventually, i'll get around to intro'ing myself and giving the lowdown on why i'm a qualified commenter and contributer, but as of now major midterms are keeping me from taking real breaks. its a mini break to write, but its a break that I enjoy.

    P.S. Coach Mike, that was a sick clip. Thanks for sharing.. and that's why the 4*400 is the coolest race, and I'm not just saying that because I used to run it. Makes me can't wait to hurry up and get to finals so I can get home and get a car full of buddies to go to the state meet. woo for chipotle. =D boo for traffic =C

    Now I'm back to the wonders of biology, physics, and education.. take care gang

  2. If you know Obea's story it was much about his outside influneces than "peaking" to soon that caused him to not fullfill his own moment as a great Elite athlete. The lesson of Obea isn't peaking to soon it is managing and raising a child that can handle and respect what is placed in front of him sport or no. Good or Horrible. Building character in the good times and sustaining it in the bad. His life derailed not his track ability.